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19 Silver Linings to COVID-19

COVID-19, the novel coronavirus, has taken the world by storm. Every media outlet in existence (not to mention our personal social media feeds) are buzzing with a near-constant stream of statistics, advisories, and anxiety-inducing updates. This "evolving situation" we find ourselves in has temporarily changed life as we know it and presents uncertain long-term implications. It's a pretty #BFD. With friends losing jobs, entire countries on lockdown, and our fellow humans falling ill, it's no wonder we're buying up all the toilet paper (and exhibiting other irrational behaviors). These are troubling times, right?

But, amidst the worry and fear, we have an opportunity to show kindness and compassion (even if it's from 6-10 feet away). So our team has put together a list of 19 silver linings to COVID-19. We hope you'll find humor in our attempt to give you a break from this heavy situation.


19 Silver Linings to COVID-19

  1. So-called "germaphobes" now hold the trump card, seeing as they already had a lifetime supply of hand sanitizer stashed away.
  2. Your phone has never been cleaner. Your hands have never been more chapped.
  3. Sure, you'll miss the office snacks, but remote work has its perks. Jammies all day? Don't mind if I do. Company-reimbursed cell phone and WiFi? Sweeeeet.
  4. Apple announced it's safe to use Clorox wipes on your iPhone! (Not that we'd been doing that all along…..)
  5. March Madness and other popular sporting events have sadly been cancelled or postponed. While disappointment abounds, so too does homeowner productivity. #honeydolist #complete
  6. We now have something in common with every other person on the planet. You: "I'm terrified of COVID-19." Them: "Me too!" Instant friends.
  7. Finally, men may start washing their hands after they use the restroom. (We aren't #manbashing, we're just being real here, folks!)
  8. That Netflix series (or ten) you haven't had time to binge on… suddenly your calendar just opened up!
  9. All you introverts now have a legitimate excuse to bow out of any social engagement under the sun. Score!
  10. Your kids didn't really need to go to school anyway. Learning, schmlearning. They'll be enriched by your robust curriculum, consisting of Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and other digital gems.
  11. Travel companies are being super understanding about cancelled trips. See, you knew you didn't need to "protect your purchase" with the recommended trip insurance!
  12. Every business you've ever interacted with is sending you an email about their response to COVID-19. Rest assured that your grocery store, hair salon, gym, and local utility company can all copy and paste from the CDC website.
  13. College kids find yet another excuse to bring their laundry home. (Much more sanitary than the dorm facilities.) Moms everywhere, rejoice!
  14. All the money you used to spend at restaurants and on take-out can be redirected to more practical purchases (like that cruise ship now mysteriously within budget).
  15. The proverbial romance-thwarting "headache" has been replaced by science-backed precautions (like avoiding any and all human contact). Wink, wink.
  16. Those who like to shop during quieter times now find they have the entire mall to themselves. It's like you have a personal shopper in every store! (And don't forget the primo parking spot.)
  17. Get back in touch with nature. Lace up those hiking boots, set your phone on silent, and go explore the great outdoors. Vitamin D is known to lift spirits!
  18. Officials have confirmed that dogs cannot transmit the virus. You can get all the wet, sloppy kisses from your pup as you want. Cats, meanwhile, continue to take joy in our suffering.
  19. Show gratitude and remember what (and whom) matters most.


We can't change this situation, but we can control how we react to it. Remember to unplug when you can, take calming breaths, and know that this too shall pass.


Happy hand washing,

The Reach Team

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