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Looking for the best no contract cell phone plan in 2021?

As the name suggests, a no contract cell phone plan is one where you are not bound to your carrier by a contract. These plans let you bring your own device (old or new) and you will be charged monthly for the plan you use. If you need a new phone, simply buy an unlocked phone that lets you switch carriers without being locked in. 

Most major carriers, on the other hand, require you to sign a contract when you purchase a plan. While the initial discount with these big carriers might be very enticing (especially with a shiny new phone thrown in), a no contract plan works out much cheaper over the long run.   

Contract carriers

Ever wondered why contract carriers ask you to sign a contract? Well, without the binding contracts, it would be impossible for the carriers to offer those aggressively subsidized deals. By binding you to a device contract or a service contract, the carrier is able to extract the full money (and some more...) without you being any the wiser about it.

Device contract vs service contract

A device contract binds you to a locked phone that works only on the particular carrier. If you wish to leave the carrier for any reason (are unhappy with the service or relocation), you will be contract-bound to pay off the charges. And even after you have fully paid off the device, your carrier may make you go through loops to unlock the phone - with waiting periods over 60 days.  

A service contract works a little differently - you are simply bound (for 2 years or more) to the carrier. If you leave the carrier before the contract is over, again, you pay a heavy fine. 

The bottom line? As long as you stay within the terms of your contract, the monthly charges with a contract carrier shouldn’t be too high. However, if you want to leave the service mid-way, a hefty fine awaits you. 

Now that we have established why a contract carrier may not the best option, let’s look at a carrier that saves money and gives you complete freedom to stay with or choose another cell phone service provider. 

Benefits of a no contract cell phone plan with Reach

Your search for a no contract cell phone plan doesn’t have to start and end with the major carriers. There is a multitude of smaller carriers offering cell phone plans that suit your budget and data requirements - such as Reach Mobile. This no contract carrier offers plans with unlimited talk and text and BestFit savings that save you money if you use less data. Here are some of the reasons why a Reach Mobile plan maybe your best option. 

Unlimited talk and text

Every Reach Mobile cell phone plan comes with unlimited talk and text on the nation’s best network. 

Save more with Best Fit™Save more with BestFit plans 

Most of us overestimate our data use.  With Reach Mobile’s Best Fit™ plans, if you choose a higher plan but don’t end up using all your data, your bill is automatically lowered to a plan that matches your data usage.

Family data plans that suit your budget

If you are looking to save on your monthly mobile bill, there are a number of affordable family plans with shared data that you can choose from. These types of plans work best in groups where the heavy data usage of one member gets offset by the lower data needs of another.      

Reach Mobile family plansAmazing Customer Service

Reach Mobile is rated #1 by our customers on TrustPilot thanks to our friendly customer service team. We go above and beyond to make sure you are happy with your mobile service.

A no contract postpaid carrier such as Reach Mobile is transparent in its charges. Without a contract, Reach customers are not bound to their carrier (except by love) and only pay for the data plan that they use every month (heard of Best Fit™?). No hidden charges, no contracts, unlimited talk and text.

What’s more? Every Reach Mobile plan helps provide free connection for a woman or family who can’t otherwise afford it.

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