Looking for the best no contract cell phone plan in 2021?

As the name suggests, a no contract cell phone plan is one where you are not bound to your carrier by a contract. These plans let you bring your own device (old or new) and you will be charg...
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Quick Guide to Buying New and Refurbished Phones

Note: While Reach Mobile does not sell devices directly to customers, we have listed some affiliate links below that may earn Reach Mobile a small commission at no additional cost to you. 

What type of device works with Reach Mobile?

  • It must be Unlocked
  • It must be SIM-free or compatible with the Reach network
  • LTE-network preferred

Old, new, refurbished? We love 'em all, as long as it 'works' with Reach.


An honest guide to buying new and refurbished phones

When it comes to getting a new phone, you have options. Don't settle for buying a device from a carrier, because the reality is those good deals often come with major hidden costs and gotchas. For the most flexibility and the best deal all around, opt for buying a universally unlocked device from a reliable third-party (such as Amazon) or directly from the manufacturer (Apple, Samsung, etc.). Trust us, there's no better feeling than being a free agent when you can take your device to whichever carrier treats you the best. Still have questions about purchasing a device? Check out our Device Purchasing Guide

Where to buy a new unlocked phone

We recommend our customers buy new unlocked cell phones directly from the manufacturer. Device manufacturers such as Apple, Samsung ,Motorola , LG , HTC , and Google may offer excellent financing options (payment plans) that do not lock you to any particular carrier/network so long as you purchase a universally unlocked phone. 

A small sampling of refurbished phones for Reach Mobile

Please double check device details before purchasing as links may change! Unfortunately, because of variables outside our control, we cannot guarantee a refurbished phone will work with Reach Mobile even if the phone description meets the criteria. 



iPhone 7 
Apple iPhone XR 
(64GB, Red)
iphone11_pro iphon7
iPhone 11 Pro
(64GB, Gold)
iPhone 7 
iphonexs Untitled-1-2
iPhone XS Max
(256GB, Gold)
iPhone 11 Pro
(64GB, Midnight green)
IphoneX S9_new
Apple iPhone X 
(64GB, Space Gray)
Samsung Galaxy S9
(64GB, Midnight Black)
samsung galaxy10
Samsung Galaxy S8+
(64GB, Arctic Silver)


Samsung Galaxy S10
(128GB, Prism Black)
note2 note3
Samsung Galaxy Note 8 N950 
(64GB, Prism Black)
Samsung Galaxy Note 9 
(128GB, Lavender Purple)
moto_g g7
Moto G Power

(64GB, Black)

Moto G7 
(64GB, Black)







































If you still have questions about buying a new or refurbished phone to use with Reach Mobile, we encourage you to chat with our Customer Success team 24/7 at reachmobile.com or give us a call at (844) 445-3665 Monday-Friday 9am-9pm. 

Happy connecting (and shopping!),

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