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Meet The/Nudge: Empowering Women in India with Connectivity

Meet The/Nudge: Making connectivity a reality for women in India. 

The/Nudge is a nonprofit organization based in Bangalore, India, helping alleviate poverty through job training, education, and empowerment. What makes The/Nudge unique is that their programs go beyond basic skills training to look at the individual as a whole.

"Building a strong 360-degree life, learning and economic foundation

that equips them to escape the cycle of poverty."

Women make up a large portion of participants benefiting from The/Nudge programs. Many of them come from underprivileged or impoverished backgrounds, with varying levels of education, financial means, and digital literacy. As the women embark on a journey to gain tangible life and job skills, many have never used (let alone owned) a smartphone. Their knowledge of how to search for information online or use digital services is rudimentary at best -- clearly an obstacle to performing many modern job functions and participating in our increasingly digital world.

This is where gigs that give comes in.

Through our partnership to date, Reach Mobile is providing connectivity to more than 100 women. The women receive mobile data, talk minutes, and SMS texts in a meaningful quantity, and will continue to receive the phone plan for one year.Yet, just like The/Nudge programs go beyond basic job training, their partnership with Gigs that Give goes beyond simply giving a connection. After all, a phone is more powerful when it's being used productively. 


The women learn how to navigate their phones and identify apps that support their educational and financial development, as well as other online resources for healthcare, family life, and personal growth. Through our partnership with The/Nudge, we're able to provide a 360-degree connectivity program that lays the foundation for ongoing digital literacy.

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