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7 Social Impact Brands We Love

We've rounded up a list of 7 social impact brands we love whose products kick ass and make the world a better place. 

What we buy matters

Have your cake and eat it too, goes the old saying. And thanks to social impact brands, we can shop for items we love while supporting causes we care about. (Cake + eating cake = win win.) Conscious consumerism -- or purchasing with a purpose -- is a popular trend among the 20-30-something set. Whether you're interested in supporting women entrepreneurs, the environment, animal welfare, or a niche cause, there are literally hundreds of brands to help you voice your values with your wallet.

So grab a comfy seat and settle in for some guilt-free online shopping. Here's our hand-selected list of 7 social impact brands whose products kick ass and make the world a better place.


7 Social Impact Brands We Love


The OG of the one-for-one brand movement, we love TOMS for so many reasons (adorable shoes not excluded). TOMS has expanded their product line over the years to include bags, eyewear, and coffee that all support a cause. Whether they're leading change in preventing gun violence, providing clean water and safe birth kits, or restoring sight, TOMS has coined the concept "wear your beliefs". Those are some pretty big shoes to fill.



Who wouldn't love a brand that lets you shop for stylish specs in your jammies and upload your Rx with a simple photo snap? Boasting a signature collection of eyewear, a super intuitive app, amazing customer service, and the bonus of helping people around the world receive life-changing vision care… we've got all the heart eyes for Warby.


You may be picturing the nostalgic Life is Good t-shirts your dad wears to Lowe's on the weekend, but there's so much more to love about this iconic brand! The Life is Good Kids Foundation spreads the power of optimism to help kids heal from adverse childhood experiences (in simple terms: early traumas such as abuse and neglect). They give 10% of net profits to help empower "Playmakers" (the good guys) in communities across America and Haiti to create safe and positive environments for kids to learn, heal, and thrive.



Helping endangered species, ethically and sustainably sourced ingredients, and powerful educational content in every wrapper? The only thing this chocolate isn't good for is our waistlines (and we're kinda okay with that…).  Within the last three years, ESC has generated over $1.7M (by giving away 10% of net profits) for partners like the Rainforest Trust and Wildlife Conservation Net. Tastes good, does good, 'nuff said.




Have a cute kid? Know a cute kid? Heck, if you were a cute kid… these handcrafted, artisan-quality dolls are seriously special. The statistics, however, are heartbreaking: 3.1 million children die each year from hunger and undernutrition. Each doll purchased funds 10 nutritious meals for children in need around the world -- so far, over 8 million meals have been donated. No denying it's a premium product, but we think well worth it for the impact.




Seems there's a subscription box for everything these days (slime box, anyone?). CauseBox caught our eye for a few reasons. First, each box features ethically made products that span beauty, fashion, and fun, plus an in-depth story about each curated item. Next, adorable packaging that we want to decorate our houses with makes the whole experience feel like a treat. And last (but far from least), being introduced to brands that empower women entrepreneurs, artisans, and change-makers… sent right to our door with every season change.




If it passes the Shark Tank sniff-test, we're instantly intrigued. One thing we love about the Bombas brand (achieved TV fame in 2014) is that they've shed light on a challenge many of us had no idea existed: the number one requested item at homeless shelters is new socks. While the product isn't the sexiest (socks, guys), their Bee Better motto and 100% Customer Happiness philosophy has some major appeal. To date, Bombas has enabled more than 18 million items (socks and Ts) to be purchased and donated. Pretty cool for a wardrobe basic.

The popularity of give-back brands is growing, and what's not to love. More options, more impact -- it's a win-win. Did we miss your favorite? Leave us a comment!


Disclosure: these opinions are 100% our own! We received no payment or incentives for featuring these brands on our site. We simply love them enough to share them with you.


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