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9 must-have apps for an awesome summer

Deep summer is when laziness finds respectability - Sam Keen

As the smell of smoky grills wafts through the air, you know that summer is here. The outdoors beckon, and you have a tough time deciding whether to chill at the beach, go for a long hike, or throw a backyard barbecue for friends. We say, why settle? Do all of these, and more!

This summer, with your favorite accessory in hand (your smartphone, of course), you can make the most of summer. Just keep our list of handy summer apps, well, handy!


There’s a lot at steak

Now that summer’s here, it is time to dust out your trusty old grill and put it to work. And if you want to grill like a boss, then let GrillTime be your sidekick. It recommends the perfect grilling time and temperature, depending on what and how much you are cooking. And once you set the timer, you can chill and go grab a beer - the app’s ‘time to flip’ timer has you covered!

If your idea of a backyard barbecue party involves slow-cooked ribs or brisket, then a grill timer won’t cut it. What you are looking for is PitPal. Catering specifically to those who aim for consistency and precision (you Type A's, I say!), PitPal lets you track every little detail and record it for future reference. If you’re in it for the long-haul and plan to smoke up some meat, then this app is a pit master’s dream.

Beach on my mind

What is summertime without some beach fun? And if surfing is on your mind, then Surfline can help you find the best surf spots. With Surfline’s location-based updates on the best surf spots, weather forecast and current conditions, you are all set to catch some great waves. Easy to navigate and with real-time updates on your favorite spots, Surfline is surely a swell app!

Psst... those hidden-gem beaches you plan to discover are not really known for their WiFi. It’s times like these that having a phone plan with the nation's best network coverage makes a difference.

Break a sweat

If all this talk of beach makes you want to go get a beach-bod, then Freeletics is the app for you. It helps you chart a custom training plan taking into account your current fitness levels and what you want to achieve. This home workout app doesn’t require any weights or equipment, just you! With this digital coach in your pocket, your fitness goals just got a whole lot closer.

Ear to the ground

How many times have you arrived at a much hyped tourist spot, only to feel underwhelmed by it? Happens all the time, right? Not anymore. The TripScout app pulls content from local Instagram influencers and top publishers to help you discover the best eateries, scenic spots, and places of interest, to help you travel like a pro! Wish you’d known of this one before? Us too.

But maybe a long distance trip is not what you are looking for. Maybe something closer home? A camping trip, perhaps? Then you and your buds should definitely check out HipCamp before setting off to your usual camping spot.

HipCamp is the Airbnb of camping, where you get to have unique camping experiences (atop a tree house or stargazing under a dark sky) at ranches, vineyards, farms and more. And that’s not all. You can even list your property on HipCamp for free, and connect with fellow campers, while also earning some extra cash this summer.

All my bags are packed, I’m ready to go...

Uh... are you?

Meticulously packing for a trip is not everyone’s forte - except for maybe that one friend who always packs just right. (Really, who could possibly be that prepared?) But now you know her secret - Packr.

With this packing app, you can set your travel destination (sunny beaches of Florida or a rainy Seattle), number of travelers and any special activities you have planned (a date night in the city, perhaps, or an al fresco lunch in wine country) to get a tailor-made packing list suited to your itinerary. You get weather-driven recommendations to know exactly what to pack (a pair of sunglasses or a warm jacket) for your trip. It also gives you the option to create multiple packing lists if you are visiting more than one destination. Nifty, eh? Now go give that friend a run for her money!

Chug, chug, chug....

Not that kind of chug, silly. If you are anything like us, you need constant reminders to drink water during the day. And since it is the summer, staying hydrated is all the more important. But don’t worry, there’s a (you guessed it) app for it.

Plant nanny  is a water reminder app that lets you set daily goals for water intake. It tracks your progress with a cute little virtual plant that flourishes when you have had adequate water to drink and wilts when you haven’t. Now this is one plant you can keep alive even with your lethal black thumb!

Reach out for a better summer

Whatever your plans this summer, make sure your mobile service can keep up. At Reach we realize spending a couple of hours at a mobile store just so you can manage your mobile service is a serious waste of your time. With the Reach Mobile app, you don’t have to ever step inside another mobile store (unless you want to beat the summer heat with their air conditioning). Our app lets you manage your plan, monitor data and much more, wherever your adventures take you.

So what are you waiting for? Get set for the best summer ever with these 9 must-have apps!

Happy Connecting,

The Reach Team

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